Monday, July 11, 2011

My latest addiction

So, lately, my sleeping patter is terribly fcked. As you can see.
I'm still very much awake at this ungodly hour. Haha.
I sleep in the daylight and I'm awake during the night. I'm an owl! Hoot.
I really have to change it back before college starts or I might just collapse.

What do I do at such ungodly hours you might ask?
1. Talk to people that are still awake.
3. Watch movies.
4. TETRIS till I got no more energy to battle. :(

Yeap, that's pretty much it. So, I eat, breathe, and live Tetris. Haha.
Literally, like each time you're talking to me, I'm imagining tetris in my head.
I'm not joking. Like, SERIOUSLY. Only people who are addicted to it will know.

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