Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Day 1 -Ten things you wanna say to ten different people.

1. Well, I'm not doing this in any particular order, but you just seem to be on top of my mind at the moment. Ahh, this shows how much I think about things when I've got nothing better to do. Let's see, I haven't known you for a long time, definitely less than a year but we've grown really close to each other since I met you. The term 'friends' obviously can't be used to describe our relationship. All the ups and downs we've been through, and I guess, there is still somewhat hope for this to continue. At least I hope so. Things aren't very smooth for us now, but hopefully it'll come around soon. I really like that fact that how we've got nothing much in common, yet how much we've fallen for each other.

2. My two best buds since forevah. I'm sure you know who you are. These 5-11 years have been amazing for us. From all the ridiculous drama we've been through as a group and ending up with us only. It's fun to see how far we've been. At times, we've got our differences and 'hormonal imbalance' situations where we get pissed, but in the end, it's all good. Ain't it? We'll just resort to "She's like that." It shows how much we understand each other instead of 'tolerating' each other. Even though we're in college now, I thought we wouldn't be as close in the beginning, but we still are as strong as always. To 5 years and counting!

3. I kinda have the hots for you, but definitely do not see us in a relationship in the future. Duh. So. not. gonna. work. out. Haha. But yeah, I guess you've got the charm in you that you think it's so absofckiglutely great and it somewhat makes you arrogant. Can't deny that you're one arrogant biatch, but two can play this game.

4. Recently, I feel that we've been drifting apart, I don't know if I'm just being extra sensitive about stuff or it's somewhat the truth. It's like, most of the time I don't feel included in your conversations. Those 'inside secrets' that people seem to know except for me. Then, you'll feel like you're obligated to tell me, and yet still reluctant to say something. Oh well, I mean, there's nothing much that I can do about it, is there?

5. Forever X-Men. Enough said. (Yes including the pikachuwatchmodelinhongkong)

6. I do not feel anything anymore whatsoever when I see your picture, or talk to you or even see you. Which is a good thing, for me, that is. It feels like such a relieve actually. After a year plus?

7. I'm sorry that I've hurt you, I know I did. Plus the fact that till today you don't know the full reason for the actions that I've did. I'm sure you know partly why I was being mean and ignorant towards you at that moment, but you still don't know the rest which is kinda the main part. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but I guess it's just not that easy to explain something to anyone, for me. After awhile of not hanging out, I guess now we are getting closer as friends, which is great. You're a great company and friend. Maybe just not more than that, or it was just wrong timing in the first place. I'm sure you'll find someone awesome. (:

8. I've known you for quite awhile already I would say, 3 years? That's a long time for a friend that I've met from scratch. Like, total strangers to almost lovers at one part and now, friends. I'm actually glad I've met you and spent loads of time with you at one point. Am I still somehow the only girl that is your friend that you're not dating now? Haha. I hope so, it somehow makes me feel special? So, to our friendship.

9. Okay, this, I honestly do not know what in the mortal world happened between us. We were close, then enemies, then close again and now? What are we? And the thing is we haven't got the chance to talk about the problem we had, but still, why the sudden dissociation? It's so sudden, that I honestly do not know why or what I did to cause this. :/ Hopefully we can sort this out.

10. I guess now we're quite mutual with each other, or at least I don't feel like killing you when I see you or beating you up when I hear your voice. :D Mutual is a very good state I'm telling you. Especially for after what you did and what kind of person you are, even now, I think you still haven't change. You haven't change your principles in life which are really important, you may change the way you treat me, but definitely not yourself in general.

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