Thursday, August 25, 2011


Day 2 - Nine things about yourself.

1. I am not loveydovey, which comes of as me, being insensitive, or a plain btch. I don't have the habit of hugging people or random 'I love you's. I like to mean what I say. Isn't that what we're all suppose to do anyways? I will only be at least, slightly loveydovey with you if I've known you long enough or I really like you. For example, if it's just the first 2-3 months of a relationship, you will NEVER hear me say, 'I miss you' and definitely not, 'I love you'. If you tell me those phrases, you'd most probably get ignored or I'd say "Awww."

2. I don't get close/trust anyone easily. If I don't know you well enough, I sure as hell won't trust you. Isn't that common sense? How would you know what kind of person he/she is. Maybe the person is nice to you for an ulterior motive? Or it's still a fresh friendship, his/her true colours are not out yet. So, I'm pretty careful with what I say to who.

3. I definitely don't fall in love easily. At some points, yes maybe I THINK that I'm in love, but my brain is just going, NO, YOU'RE NOT. I guess I listen to my brain a lot than my heart. Yeap, that's for sure. It's like, certain days I'll wake up and go, "Wow, I think I've fallen with him.". Then the next day, "Ugh, he's so annoying. Why is he sending me these corny texts.". It's somehow my mindset that I won't fall in love, sometimes good, but of course, sometimes bad. You have no idea how many chances I missed cause I told myself that that wasn't "IT". Not "the one" and all the other bullcraps. Out of the gazillion possibilities, if I do fall in love, I'd take forever to get out of it and I think that only happened... once. So far.

4. I am a Gemini. A June Gemini. Yes, I believe in horoscopes and their predictions cause so far, it's 90% true either way. Especially personality wise and love compatibility. So, for more information about me, you may ask Uncle Google about Gemini characteristics.

5. I LOVE food. I swear, love is actually an understatement. Food is everything to me! I won't go on a food diet where you can't eat the whole day, NEVER. Reducing and eating the right amount is already a torture for me. I used to be really really thin, thank god for the high metabolism rate and sports. But now, I rarely work out anymore, but still eating the same amount of food, so imagine how much weight I've gained since. :O Oh well, I will still love you, no matter what. (':

6. I am in decisive. Wait, I mean, I'm VERY indecisive. I can change my mind in a split second for no apparent reason then change it back again the next minute. Unless you give me a very concrete proof, fact or evidence, I will keep on changing my mind in my head.

7. I THINK I quite like the colour blue, but then again, I don't really have a favourite colour. I mean, I guess, I prefer blue to the rest, but I don't mind black, or grey either. Or red, or green. Ahh, you get me. But for clothing wise, I don't really like white, yellow or brown. White because I'm too clumsy to keep it clean or not thin enough. Yellow and brown makes me look pale and dark. Nope. Not a good thing.

8. I don't really fancy flowers and plants. I don't mind getting a bouquet of flowers, really, but not crazy for it. I just find flowers really scary. Cause it's a living thing, it grows, and its soft and ticklish. I don't know, I just can't touch it. And I hate walking on tall grasses. It just creeps the hell outta me thinking what maybe beneath it. Don't you think so? No?

9. Like other girls, I like taking pictures of myself. Pretty pictures of course :P

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