Friday, August 12, 2011

Daily 3

1. Timetable is effed up. Seriously the management is definitely making fun of us.
I'm starting to think they're trying to make our life miserable.
First, the timetable had a lot of clashes, then they changed it.
And guess what? Yes, they're changing it again, to, Idontknowwhat. -.-

2. The work is piling up! It's not that I'm not hardworking or don't do my work.
It's just that DV is really taking up my time. It's true, it's a monster. Yeap.
I did my dv sketches, but they're not up to standard, so have to redo.
The rest is still not too bad I guess, especially EPC, Social Psychology and Business.
It's just a weekly class assignment, and it's not too hard if you pay attention in class.
English is loading us up with loads of essays and class assignment though.

3. There'll be class trips during activity week in October. Woot woot.
The choices now are either Cambodia for Culture & Civilisation or HKMacau.
I would actually prefer going to Cambodia cause at least you get to see Angkor Wat.
But all my friends prefer going to HK & Macau. :/ Hmm, I'm still undecided I guess.

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