Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is it?

As of today, is it the end of a 16 weeks journey?

From the first time you laid eyes on me differently,
First time you held my hands like I was yours to keep,
First time you kissed me as the sign of a new beginning after a horrible patch,
First time I was in your arms,
And all the times that we made fun of each other.

Is this the end? I'm sure you're asking the same question.

So, I thought to myself, tracking back to the first time(s).
I never knew that it would last this long, but it did.
Then some unwanted things happen,
I never knew that you would take me back, but you did. Somehow.
And now, it's fading once again.
Is this now the end of the end?

It's not meant to be.
You're better off without me.
You'll find someone better than me.
If we're meant to be, it'll come around.
I'm not good enough for you.

I know, you and I don't want all these kind of answers anymore.
But, the question now is, what are the answers we're looking for? I'm looking for.
Is it why this is ending, or how can we make it happen again.
Ahh, too many questions, too little time.

I guess I just have to wake up and get out of my little fairy tale life.

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