Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things that drives me up the wall

1. I find it really rude and annoying when you don't silent your phone in certain places. Places like, college in a class, church, or movies and so on.
  • It's like, can't you respect the others in the class? I always silent my phone once I reach college, even out of the class. I don't expect you to do that, but in class, especially class compared to lectures, yes I expect so. And if it's the first class of the day, still kinda tolerable, cause maybe you forgot to silent it, but if it's classes after that, it's kinda rude.
  • Yeah. In movies, you're not even suppose to talk on the phone. There's a thing called texting or call them back when you're done.
2. Do not, I repeat, do not drive like a fcktard.

What I mean by a fcktard:
  • If you want to speed, go ahead, I'm not stopping you. I will cut to the left, but patience, don't fcking highlight me like a bitch after I've signaled left. OR it's in a jam, why do you want to overtake when you can go no where further? Geez, calm 'em tities man.
  • If you want to overtake like a retard, it's not as bad as when you don't put your signal lights. It gets really annoying cause how would I know you want to cut to my lane? Especially when I'm so close to the car in front of me, you still want to squeeze in at a fast speed WITHOUT signals. Really? You're getting on my nerves.
  • In a jam at a traffic light, do not try to queue at the back of the cars when obviously they're not moving and when the light turns red, you WILL block the whole damn road. Seriously! Do you not have any brains in that head of yours, you can see that the cars are not moving due to something, I don't know whatever it can be, so don't try to block other people from another side.
3. When you don't listen.
  • To someone when it's important. Then later when they're done, you ask me a million questions that could have been answered if you actually paid attention just now.

  • When you asked me something, I explained in detail, THEN, you say, "What? Sorry I wasn't concentrating." Wtf. If you don't want to listen, or busy doing something else, dont' ask me to explain to you right now, you can ask me later when you actually want to listen to me.
4. You ask me for MY opinion on something, then you screw me up later for it or not put it into consideration at all.
  • First of all, YOU are the one who's asking for my opinion. Not that I'd rudely interrupted your amazing speech of your own point of view. You asked. So, I give you an honest answer of what I think of it. Then, you turn on your 'judgemental' mode and give me all kinds of shit. Judging and commenting on my point of view. There's no wrong or right in a person's views. Oh! And discussing about my point of view with actual facts with a non-defensive mode is fine. I'm okay with that. Maybe after what you've told me, I realise that I was wrong. Why not. But DO NOT shoot at me.
  • When you need an opinion in a decision of some sort, so you came to me. I will just give you my opinion, but you don't have to necessarily follow what I said. But I mean, what's the point when you ask, then as if you're not even listening, continue with your own decision. Why ask in the first place? You can just do it your own way. No?
5. If you have a problem with me, just tell me, or talk to me about it. There's no point going through all the hassle so that the gossip can come back to me.
  • You don't have to post it all over the cyber world about who you think I am. Or criticising me when you don't even know me or the reason to my certain actions.
  • You don't have to spread rumours or gossip about me to my friends or my circle of friends. Cause, trust me, it'll come back to me even though you've said "Oh, please don't tell her."
  • You don't have to go through all the hassle of that, and STILL pretend that everything is okay in front of me, being overly nice to me. Seriously, save it.

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