Friday, August 26, 2011

My heart

This heart, it beats, beats for only you,
My heart, is yours.

I hate myself for being so fickle. Really.
One moment I'm thinking to myself, "Screw you, if you don't want this, then forget it."
That's when I'm oh-so-confident about myself. Especially during the day.
That's also when I think, "Yeah, I should really stay guy-free for awhile, till next year?"
Of course, later, when I'm not so busy with other things, like night time,
Or when I'm just bored, or just staring into space, I start to think.
"But I do really like him, what if he is THE ONE. I should fight for this."
And i'll most probably sleep on that thought, when I wake up the next day,
Yes, you've guessed it, process repeats. Agh, it is NOT fun I'm telling you. Not.Fun.

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