Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cheer #2

2. Reason when & why you started cheering

I started cheerleading back in 2006. Well, that wasn't exactly cheer anyways.
That was a house team for my school sport's day, more of cheer dance actually.
I had that for 2 years till they disbanded cheerleading in my school :(
I was really interested in it, so I decided to join CHARM in 2008.
That's when the real competitive cheerleading started.
So, technically, I started cheerleading in mid year 2008, I've been cheering for 3 years.

I love cheerleading cause it's such an exciting and adventurous sport.
It's all about the teamwork. I love the torturing sore after practices. :B
And of course, gotta love the uniform, make up and fun times :D

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