Thursday, September 1, 2011


I couldn't sleep yesterday night till almost 6 am rolling around in the bed.
Was suppose to sleep around 4, ended up reading up on interesting topics. :D
Read "72 signs on doom's day by the Islam" and "Typical Malaysian Jokes."
Haha, felt quite retarded laughing by myself while rolling around in bed.
Oh well, time well spent though.

Gotta go to college later to finish up my cnc project.
Hopefully I can take some nice pictures to draw to finish up my 6 sketches.
And I wonder if the library is open... Hmm, if it is then I can print something.
Oh! and I must say, the new blogger layout is pretty and professional. Nais.
Also, gotta go buy some stationery later, eheheh, I love stationery shopping.

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