Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sorry peeps, but I didn't feel like bringing my camera out the other night.
So, no pictures to document it, but it's definitely in my head. (:
Had a great dinner, awesome food, nice family time and funny conversations. (Y)

I've always had these 2 dilemmas for my hair:

1. Should I curl it?
Yes, I think that some girls with straight hair wants to curl it and some girls with curly hair wants to straighten it. Ah well, we always want what we can't get ay. But I'm scared that it'll spoil my hair. Plus, I can't do it now, just chopped my hair shoulder-lengthish. Not good for curling.

2. Should I colour my hair?
I mean, I've tried highlighting a few streaks and all that, no harm done, but what about whole head. Hmm, I've always wanted auburn or like maroon-ish colours, and again, question is will it spoil my hair? :O Some says yes, and some says no.

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