Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why do they tell us how to feel

My sem is finally coming to an end. Foundation will be finally done. 
Quite a number has dropped out or switched course. 
I guess next year in the degree intake there'll be some new exciting people!
I'm left with 7 more assignments/projects/exam. My last day is on the 19th.

Then, the X-Men is heading on over to party in Penang! 1, 2, woot woot. :P
We'll be back by the 23rd then Rejaie's wedding on Christmas Eve.
Not too sure about my Christmas plans this year yet, but it'll always be fun.
Not forgetting, I'm starting work on the 27th at Topshop, One Utama. 
Yes, gimme 'em cash. Jokes jokes, it's for experience and my future portfolio.

Let's see what are my plans for these coming 2 weeks:
1. Going to Vertigo tonight with a bunch. Haven't seen them in a bit since everyone's so busy with their exams and assignments. Missed you guys (': I know that it'll be fun tonight.
2. Finishing my english group research by today!
3. Should be heading down to Movida with Leysha and her coursemates tomorrow night. No, I don't do this all the time everyday, just once in awhile and coincidentally it's back to back this time.
4. More assignments due next week.
5. Should I go for Tiesto on the 10th? Strictly no muslim allowed, so the rest are not going. Aih, decisions, decisions.
6. Then the most exciting week of December, my business charity event in Taylor's Lakeside. I'm praying that it'll be a huge success! Everything is going smoothly so far, so do come for my event,  check us out on facebook "STEP UP! For Charity Talent Show"on the 16th Dec.
7. Day after the event we gotta celebrate! Not only birthdays, but the mark of the beautiful end to our foundation course.

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