Monday, January 23, 2012

Boy, you really got me bad.

First post of 2012.

Chinese New Year is exceptionally early this year. The first post shall be a haul about my Chinese New Year shopping. In total I spent quite a lot, but, half of it is from my own savings. So, I'm sorry, you can't call me a spoil brat this time.

 2 pair of jeans

 2 dresses

 5 crop tops

 3 tops

 A scarf

 A pair of shorts

 A bag and a necklace

I don't have a picture of my Toy Story jumper and lingerie. Well of course. These are the stuff I bought, in total I spent about 1.4k. There are still some stuff that I want to get, which are in my wishlist, with my budget for shopping and the rest I'll get it when I get my pay. Oh yes, if you don't know, I'm working at Topshop, One Utama. Do come visit, I'll most probably be there when you come over. 

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