Monday, January 23, 2012

I know you're sorry

The day before Chinese New Year.

My cousin from Australia came over to visit a few days earlier because he's going back to Aussie soon. Of course, the house was really loud with three ladies gossiping and talking. Oh, trust me, I'm not included.

Some updates about my life of 2012 so far:
1. Started work at Topshop, One Utama after Christmas last year. Resigning soon, should be stopping by early February.
2. Hopefully going for a job/vacation with some friends at Pangkor on 15-17 February.
3. Training hard with Cheer Aces. We should be, SHOULD, be going to the competition in Singapore and of course other competitions in Malaysia.
4. Got my results and enrolled back in Taylor's for my degree programme which starts only in April, meaning I've got about 2 months left to partay!
5. If you've realized, I kind of revamped my blog for a fresh new year. No expectations, no regrets, just pure adventure. Let's see where does 2012 take us this year. (:

My plans so far for tomorrow is temple in the morning with my family, then lunch and dinner at home. Other than that, I should be available for some fun. (; Jokes, jokes. Just painted my nails red myself. Took longer than expected but it was worth it. I guess. I still can't decide what to wear tomorrow to the temple. Yeah, I know you might be thinking, it's just the temple. However! You have to consider the fact that I'm also a normal girl that likes to doll up and apparently my aunt is saying "What if you find your other half at the temple?" Haha.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your job at TopShop! I've been on the TS website and the clothes are BEAUTIFUL. I really wish we have a TopShop retail but we only got a small corner of it in a department store :(

Hope 2012 will be good to you! <3

Jojo said...

Hey thanks (: Yeah, one of the plus points working there, I get to admire the clothes everyday and end up using my salary to buy all of them. Haha (: You too, Happy 2012.