Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Of course, I must start the post with another yet self-conscious picture of myself.

Finally found my way to make up. Yes I have been a make up fail for, well, the previous 18 years of my life. Make up only means, eyeliner, fail mascara and coloured-lipbalm. Afraid not! I have achieved slight success of my make up skills. Let the little girl have her fun alright, do not pop my bubble.

 Outfit of the day.
'Electric' necklace from Forever21.
Black and white button top from Cotton On.
Bright pink bodycon skirt from Blogshop.

Had a family reunion dinner today with the rest of the aunts and cousin. The house was definitely merrier and really loud I would say. My poor dog was confused of who should he go to, it was hilarious. The dog, Max Brown Lee aka Brownie has brought a lot of joy to my family. Sometimes, when we don't have much things to talk about, he is the topic. Well, he kind of is one of the things that we like to talk about. My intelligent and naughty puppy. (:

The family is getting smaller as one by one of my cousins have left to study abroad. Yet another cousin is leaving soon in February. I'll be the only grandchild left in Malaysia. I don't think that I'd be going anywhere else in the next 4 years perhaps? Or maybe even till when I finish studying. Tomorrow as I've mentioned, my dad's cousin's family is coming over to stay at my place, so I'd have to guide them to my place with my aunt tomorrow morning. Joy of getting up early on my off day. Le sigh. At least I get to doll up! And actually leave my house this time.

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