Friday, January 27, 2012

Take take take

My cousin's family from Penang came over, so I haven't got the time to blog, have been spending time with them instead. I don't see them very often, the last time I saw my cousin was... 3-4 years ago if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, about there.

So, on Wednesday, 3rd day of Chinese New Year they came over. They reached Damansara early in the morning. I had to peel myself off my bed, well, cause I'm obviously not a morning type of person. Everyone knows that. Had to drive to IKEA to meet them then convoy back to my area. We had Papparich for breakfast.

Outfit of the day.
Crop top from Topshop.
Highwaisted denim from Kitschen.

No picture of ze face for that day cause I didn't have any make up on, and apparently I don't look presentable enough without make up. Apparently. After breakfast, went to One Utama to walk around with my aunt and cousin sister. Chilled at Starbucks before we came home for dinner. Took her out after dinner to Al-Safa, Bandar Utama to meet up with some of my friends. Just for fun you know. 

The next day I had work, noon shift. So the plan was after work we will just chill at home and girl talk, pillow talk and whatsoever talk.

 Outfit of the day to work.
Crop top from Topshop.
Acidwash Leigh jeans from Topshop.

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