Thursday, March 8, 2012


8 March: Something you wore

Outfit of the day:
Black cut out top from FOS.
Acidwash Leigh Jeans from Topshop.
Blue highcut colour collection from Converse.
Brown and cream bag from Topshop.
Pink shades from Cotton On.

So let me tell you about le trip to KLCC with Jeanny and somehow apparently I'm the lamo. Picked her up around 11am, cause she fell accidentally fell back asleep! Parked my car at the Sg. Buloh KTM station, then off to KLCC. I don't know why but she kept noticing white people everywhere. Weird. Looked around at Kinokuya. The stationery section isn't too exciting except for the cute notebooks. Too bad they're all lined. I want a blank-paged one! I actually finish using my notebook before this. Yes, I'm amazed too. 

That reminds me, I must get a few things before uni starts. Time to use the RM200 voucher. Stationery, notebook, and sorts. Hehe, I gotta say that I love, LOVE, stationery shopping. I mean, who doesn't right? Back to Kinokuya, since the stationery wasn't too impressive, looked at the art&design books section instead. I was thinking I might actually start subscribing to some architecture magazines. Might be interesting, but pretty expensive though.

Came back, failed to make it back in time for the McValue lunch at McDonalds. Plus, the outlet at Bukit Rahman Putra doesn't have ayam goreng McD spicy. Devasted and desperate, drove to the one near my place. Yes, finally she can has ze ayam goreng. Sent her home after that. Supposed to have some tong sui but we totally forgot, so the plan was to tong sui after dinner before the Hong Kong drama. Unfortunately, guess what? I took a nap around 6ish, I woke up only near 10pm. 

My cheer competition is in less than 3 weeks. We must work really hard to have the perfect routine! I have cheer practice everyday except Monday starting this Friday. We can do this! Wish me luck :D

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