Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's not too late


2nd SEACO @ Singapore. 

I had the best time with my Cheer Aces cheermates. Although we didn't have much time to do anything else in Singapore, but staying in the resort is fun enough because we're all FUN people! Our hard work, effort, time, tears and blood earned us 2nd Runner Up for the Co-Ed Elite category. 

Co-Ed Elite:
Champion: Thailand ATC Kingfisher
1st Runner Up: Malaysia CA Awesome
2nd Runner Up: Malaysia Cheer Aces All Star

We're still a new team, we're going to work hard to get champion for the next competitions! We don't have any excuse of being new anymore. Watch us, we'll ACE cheerleading! Oo-ooh!


Once I got back from Singapore, the next day is the first day of class for degree. Not much time to slack, every subject has the first project already. All due pretty soon. My aim is to get a CGPA of 3.5, so I have to really work hard. I got grouped into the afternoon sessions classes, which is not too bad after all. 

I don't have to wake up early except for Thursday and Friday, always have parking later in the afternoon, and I can do my work before class starts. Plus! After class, I can grab a quick bite and straight to cheer practice. This sem has only 4 subjects, compared to the last 2 sems, where we had 6. Hopefully no procrastination, so it won't be so hectic.


We invited Rebels as well to party with us at a condo at Damansara Perdana. It was fun floating around in the water, getting pushed in over and over again but it wasn't fun getting spit in the face. Just disgusting. Haha! Everyone was just trying to run away as far as possible from the boys. The ending was super epic cause we literally got stuck in that area cause the doors all auto-lock by 10pm. We can only exit through one door with the guard or some sort. We took a very long time, going up and down and up and down to finally get to our car. Even though it was short lived, I still had fun. (:


All-girl picture at Cheryl's place before leaving for Vertigo.

At midnight, a few of us surprised her at her house. Before that they had a karaoke session after class on Friday. On Saturday night, went Vertigo to party. One of the best clubbing sessions ever. (: And tomorrow we'll have dinner, the complete "us". 

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