Sunday, April 29, 2012

Of Publika and retail therapy

Made plans with le beshfwen to go One Utama to grab some stuff then to Publika for our assignment plus fashion bazaar. For the upcoming assignment, we thought of choosing The Bee's @ Publika. We're supposed to go on Monday, but since today they had AHM album launch and a fashion bazaar, why not kill two birds with one stone? :D 

Curled my hair for fun today. (:

Outfit of the day:
Black shirt from Bugis Street, Singapore.
Electric blue bodycon skirt from an online blogshop.
Electric blue loafers from Forever21.

Picked Jeanny up from her place.

Took a quick walk around the bazaar, but didn't find anything interesting. Headed off to The Bee's @ Publika for tea and to do our research on the assignment. 

Random picture of me at The Bee's.

Jeanny and I.

Caesar salad with grilled chicken.
French fries with luke warm blue cheese.
Ice peach tea.

Wei Lik came and joined us for a drink while waiting for his friend's band to perform.

After that, went to look at Mandy and Caryn's booth. Ended up buying a few stuff. I bought 2 dresses, 1 crop top and 2 flats. Finally! I've got proper flats, now I don't have to match my shoes anymore. Yes, I'm that depressing. I have to actually match my clothes to my shoes cause I've got limited colours only.

Chilled at Wondermilk @ Publika after some retail therapy.
I prefer the Damansara Utama branch though, more... indie?
Another picture of Jeanny and I. :D

Jeanny came over to my place after Publika for awhile while waiting for her parents to pick her up. We chilled in my room while trying on the stuff that I bought today! 
A cute black and cream dress from La Bella Wardrobe for RM42
Check Caryn's blogshop out here,

1 black and 1 purple flats for RM50.

A cute green toga dress from Mandy for RM15.
(PS: Don't I look slightly Korean in the picture? :P Like those Korean blogshop ads.)

Black and white Union Jack crop top from Mandy for RM25.

Bought a 5bucks plain pencil case from Daiso earlier on because my pencil case is dying already. Quite pleased with it, other than the fact that I accidentally pricked my middle finger when transferring the badges. Other than that, it's pretty. Haha!

In the process of transferring.

Picture of the day, Yours truly. XOXO.

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