Friday, April 27, 2012

BSD Reunion Dinner

Last Sunday, I went to senior gathering of BSD people that were In Mr. Pang's tuition. We had buffet steamboat dinner plus, a surprise birthday gathering for Mr. Pang. It was at Yuen Buffet Steamboat, Mentari. Somewhere pretty close to my uni but quite far for a lot of people. That's why only a few of us made it. Some of the others had their finals or some sort too.

It was definitely nice to see some familiar faces and catching up time. Haven't seen some of them for almost a year already. We are all still pretty crazy when put together. Of course, there were a lot of pictures taken, coming up next. After dinner, initially we wanted to urgent to Snowflakes SS15, but everyone was still super full from dinner, so we ended up at Asia Cafe SS15 to play some pool instead. I haven't played in a quite a long whole, but I go my mojo back after one round.

Pictures taken from my iPad.

On the way to the Reunion Dinner in Leysha's car.

Leysha and I at the Sunway intersection. Took super long to just u-turn.

Xin Yi.


Angie and her chicken wing.

Hui Shin, her boyfriend and Mr. Pang in the background.

Le wife, Ashley.

Shu En.

Mr. Pang, the Birthday boy? Man? Boy? Yeah, you get it. Haha.

Pictures from Mr. Pang's camera.



Us, and Mr. Pang.

A group picture with his birthday cake which you can barely see. :D

The last group picture taken outside the restaurant.

That's the few updates I have for now, so till I've got something interesting to update :P
And of course, a picture of yours truly. (:
Ciao outside motherfucker!

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