Friday, April 27, 2012

Random and interesting pictures I've been taking with my iPad

Leysha and I on the way to the Reunion Dinner.

Random picture of me.

Leonard trying to imitate my puppy dog-eyed face.

Jamie and I! (:

From left to right: Pinky, Jeanny, Yours truly and Leonard in studio class.

Xiao Jean and Xiao Wen, as stated.

Before our first Studio presentation.

First time of the year staying over in the studio till 3am in the morning.

Random picture of Jeanny and I.

Sean Pinky promised! :D We have proof!

One of the first few pictures I took with the new Ipad!

Love, Yours truly. (:

certain pictures are from my instagram, so if you do have instagram, you can follow me. My usernames is of course, @missadhdjojo, same goes to twitter alright. See you guys there too!

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