Friday, April 27, 2012

Now look at me

Okay, recently I've been blogging boring words, so to feed your eyes, I'll post more pic updates okay?

1.Touch 'n go
Okay, I'm just wondering is it just me bitim sure it's not just me. The question is,do you judge the person in front of you'd balance of their touch 'n go or smarttag each time you pass the tol? Cause I do. I'll be like, ooh still got a lot of money in your card huh, or oh god luckily you got a few cents left. In return, I feel ashamed if I've got very little money left in the card cause I feel that the person behind me will so judge me for the balance in my card. No? Or ami just weird? Tell me!

2.Uni life
It has been a pretty hectic week, Wth a few important submissions. I managed to finish everything on time and I'm pleased with it I guess? Not much procrastination and I've got some good feedbacks. Yeah, I'm a happy girl today. Got a well deserved score for the hardworking I put in. The next few weeks till end of the sem it'll only be more hectic. That's one thing. So, I've got this huge dilemma between something I love and priorities. Still, figuring it out, will update up guys once I've decided and cleared things out.

3.I've been doing this #outfit of the day thing. Well, almost everyday.

4.Recently I fell sick, and not fully recovered yet.
Had fever going on for the past few days and still having it on and off. Today, flu came a long as well. It must be all the restless nights. Really gotta take the advantage to catch up pm my sleep this weekend. I only have studio work and probably some culture work to do only for the first time in weeks. Normally I'd be so packed.

5.Social life.
Social life? Whats that? -Haha. Each I've been lacking social interaction other that my course mates, which are fun, don't get me wrong. It just that I rarely see my highschool friends and other friends. Oh well, priorities right. I g out less nowadays as well. My dad is quite pleased with that fact of course.


Anonymous said...

I love your outfits, so jealous that you live in a city full of good clothing stores... over here we just have the major chains like Forever 21 and H&M that everyone goes into to! Love your tattoo too!

Jojo said...

Thanks love! Well, we do have a variety of stores, but it's way more expensive than in other places and we don't have H&M here ): I think they're opening one soon though, which is great! :D