Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time to fly

Don't blame me for the lack of posts nowadays. It's all uni's work's fault. I swear!! But I haven't been procrastinating so I have the time to blog now. I shall update you with interesting and not so interesting recent things that I've been doing or felt.

1. I haven't been procrastinating.
This is something I'm proud of actually. I actually have time to slowly do my work, redo if there's anything wrong and so on. I don't feel super rushed and lack of sleep, which is (Y). Except for the fact that I'm normally late for 2 if the morning classes, but I still do my work and pass up in time. (:

2. I got an ipad2.
I'm blogging from it actually. So far, I reckon that it is rather useful, I got the wifi one only,if I've gotten the 3G then I think there won't be much cons about it. I can surf the net, social networks, games, and entertainment. I'd give the ipad2 wifi a rating of 8/10. The other 2 points cause certain places doesn't have free wifi and I can't do microsoft word, PowerPoint and so on. But! I can always use google docs, but of course it's different.

3. I got inked!
A small Latin phrase around my front hips area. Doesn't hurt, but addictive in a way. So, we shall see if I'll have anymore future tats. I'm really happy with this one though, no regrets.

4. Recently, I have to admit that I do feel lonely.
I feel lonely, as in not the friend type, probably someone more caring than that, I don't know how to explain, not neccesarily a boyfriend or anything, just... I feel that something is missing. That's all. Nthing serious, is just maybe I got out if denial? Pretty confusing actually. However, I sort if changed how I am, like how I don't need a guy to live, how I used to always have a guy at certain point, I don't find it important anymore. I sor tof proved myself and some people wrong then.

5. If you follow my blog from way before this, I think I've posted several times about this issue before, on how people judge me.
They think that I don't havea boyfriend because I've got high expectations, only want hot guys and I reject the rest. I don't deny that I do some how reject certain guys, but so far never because of the looks, height or anything physical. Not that people I've dated are super good looking. They don't know me well and they go ahead and judge me according to stereotypes. One of the reason I think it's a big turn off. Either that or the fact that they don't know me and then they think they're in love with me. I'm no longer a kid, I think I know if I went on with that where it will lead me. I'm a much more complicated person, I have to admit. I'm hard to handle and probably thats why I haven't had someone's for awhile now.

Coming up, other than more assignments, Charms's Cheerleading Championship in June, a reunion dinner with some bsd school people this Sunday and some birthdays.

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