Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Her mind was caught wondering off once again as she sits in the corner of her bathroom. She inhaled the cigarette as she stares at her half naked reflection in the mirror. She could almost remember when she swore she would never do this to herself. She wiped off the trail of smeared mascara on her face. "How did I get here?" she thought to herself. What happened to that girl she used to be. Her head hung low enjoying the sensation it was giving her as she pondered. Everything about herself was not good enough for anyone including her. Her eyes aren't like the stars, her body isn't perfect, and her personality is just, everything is just not good enough. How could anyone love somebody like her. She tried to fix her hair as she flicked off the ash. She swallowed down the awful after taste of the cigarette and took another puff knowing she will regret it later. She just swallowed it down together with all her doubts, regrets, fears and nightmares. Her mind was somewhere else by now when she was just staring at the cigarette as it burns off. Watching it all burn down. Suddenly, her the music stopped playing, the battery must have drained off replaying that song for the millionth time. She put it out, stood up and recollected herself. She crawled into bed and when she was about to doze off, a tear rolled down her blushed cheek.

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