Saturday, August 18, 2012

Revealing the truth

There are a few things that I can tick off my to do list for my holiday, but with 2 more weeks left there's a lot more that I can do and I will! Plus the fact that I did not too bad for my degree results. So, yay me!

1. Continue partying hard for 2 weeks!
2. Genting
3. Work out even more. 2 more weeks leggo!
4. Spend time with loved ones, cause once Uni starts I know that I wouldn't have the time.
5. Lose a few kgs. 2 weeks, I can do this.

Had a really good time in Penang, went there just to laze around and do whatever we want. That's what I call a real vacation, where not everything is planned. Basically stayed up watching movies, slept in late then to the beach and loads of fun in between.

And I promise that this place is going to be much much happier and jolly. Still some random nonsensical posts, but other than that, jolly stuff and more pictures of my vain self and some friends. Alright? Cools. Hypothetical high five, nice.

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