Friday, October 12, 2012

Never stop dreaming

1. Uni life.
All so far so good, group projects starting to finish already, now onwards mostly individual projects, which is something I prefer. Arisan chicken opened in uni! I'm guessing I'll be going there pretty often. Haha!

2. Yes, I'm taken.
First ever boyfriend, official? Yes. Recent? Yes. Till we have pictures it will be up, somewhere, somehow. So, till then!

3. I went to Korea!
6 days vacation was great! Loved everything except for the food. Seriously, it was horrible for me. Earned an 'international husband' cause they tried to pair me up with the assistant tour guide. Haha! Pictures will be up on Facebook soon.

4. Haven't gone clubbing for more than a month already.
But! I'm going tomorrow night with my uni girls. It's been awhile, and it's time to destress and party! That's for them, I mean, I had my fair share of destressing in Korea. I would never say no to more destressing. :D

1. New iPad casing
2. Buy some stationery
3. Buy the pretty Taylor's t-shirt

1. Collect hard disk
2. Subscribe to uni's gym

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