Monday, December 17, 2012

Taking a deep breath

It's been awhile since I'm here. Sometimes, I feel so suffocated then I'll get over it. I wonder if he feels the same way too sometimes. I just, have no where to rant. My own personal space; without him there. It's hard to find myself nowadays. Sometimes, when things go wrong, I felt as if I have lost myself. Why do I act such ways when I don't use to? I'm becoming another person, someone I thought I would never be. I put you into so much consideration in everything that I do.

I'm afraid. Everyone is.

It's as if, we're one person now. It's amazing to have you around, yes but at times, I don't know... I thought I was ready for this, well I am, so far, I'm just afraid of the day that I lose you or myself; completely. I get clingy, jealous, considerate, scared and insecure, thinking one day, soon, you will leave me. I just have that fear. It's the only problem you get when you get what you want, you're afraid of losing it. 

I think I've learned to love you, I hope you do love me too, not just something we throw around everyday. 

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