Sunday, July 17, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011

After a gazillion calls, I woke up, rushed, and out!
Drive thru Mcdees after dropping Yana off at ou.
Convoy to Urbanscapes has epicly failed. But we still made it there!
So here are the first few pictures.

Leysha and I.

Vee and I.

Then we were bored, so Ariff and I decided to play Guitar Hero.
Haha, it was for some CIMB Youth thing.
We played, Uprising by Muse. Of course, he won.

Then, walked around, windowshopped for a bit,
Saw this really cool thing where you make music with this "machine".
Pretty cool, pretty cool.

Kevin and I trying that shiz.

Later on, went to watch Wanted Symphony perform at one of the booths.
Loved the setlist for the night.

Wanted Symphony.

Chilled behind the main stage while playing with some lights.
Harith trying to make a heart shape while Tana just.. scribbled?



Them, in a 'circle' together. Haha.

To end the night epicfckingly, LAPSAP!
We danced and grooved in the mud cause they were onz!
So gonna catch them the next time they spin. :D

I will end the post a picture of yours truly. :D

There are more pictures from Urbanscapes on my facebook.

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