Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh, the irony

That was my drunkest night, hands down. Well, to be exact, that was my first drunken night. I swear I can't remember half the things that happened that night. It's like after 1am, I went auto-pilot. I do somewhat wish someone would tell me what I was doing or what I said. I'm just really curious. I remembered the ride back and the crawling though. Hmm, oh wells, drunken nights make awesome stories? (Y) But seriously, no more drinking for awhile. In fact, I said I won't drink for 2 weeks, so Kevin actually bet that I won't get pass 2 weeks without alcohol. The deal is on! We will find out very soon.

It was Wednesday night. So obviously when I woke up on Thursday, I was half dead. Then I tried to recall what really happened, but no luck. Had a chilling day, got manicure and pedicure from Missy Nails, One Utama, then watched 'The Chronicle' with Kevin at Tropicana City Mall.

Rating: 2/5

Firstly, when I watched the trailer, I kind of knew how the whole movie is going to be already. One of the comments on Youtube said that he felt as if he already watched the movie. So, yeah, lack of suspense during the movie then. Other than that, it was alright? Not too interesting, I'd prefer if they showed how they got their powers and what happened to that place instead of going around and around with how they had fun with their powers and killing each other with it. Oh! another interesting comment that was really funny on Youtube said something about someone should get Professor X to whip them up. However, some of the dialogues were pretty funny.

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