Monday, February 6, 2012

This city

Hello and yes, I've stopped working at Topshop already. I just need the time to do things for myself. When I was working, all I did was work, eat and sleep. Probably very little time for cheer. So, since I've stopped working, I've got my life to catch up on. Especially my social life?

Things I want to do in these 2 months time: (In no particular order)
1. Cheer hard and compete to win!
2. Going to Penang on Tuesday coming back on Thursday.
3. Going to Pangkor with some friends next week.
4. Paint an oil painting. Need a lot of practice for that!
5. Read up on some architecture books.
6. Some leisure reading.

Pretty much all that I want to do till I get back to Uni for degree. Sure as hell it'll be tough. God bless me then. About Penang, I'm going with my aunt by bus, because my dad doesn't approve of me driving there. Apparently cause my car is not suitable for long distance driving. Then get me a better car! :D I want to just disconnect from the cyber world for 3 days. 3 days, or less, about there. Yeah, don't want to be too addicted to Facebook and Twitter. It'll be good.

It's been 2 days since I stopped working, all I did was, catch up on my sleep, sort of, decluttered some stuff that I was too busy to do and played Spider Solitaire. Do not judge me, I swear it's the only game that I can play now, except for Sims, but I got bored of that already. My internet connection is just really really slow that I can lag playing Facebook games. Just imagine. Fear not! I am really really getting Unifi. My dad said yes already, it's just that nothing has been done to get the Unifi from Telekom to my place. Shall be done!

Pretty amazed that I can still pull a heelstretch. I rarely do balances anymore.
So that's my self indulging picture for the day.

Happy February people! (:

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