Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today I'm fine

I'm back from Penang! I managed to stay off Facebook and Twitter while I'm there. I had a short and fun trip. Next destination, Pangkor! The next post shall be all about Penang. After reaching KL, hurried to shower and get ready to pick Jeanny up and meet the rest at The Scot's, Jaya One. Since Leonard is working there, Cheryl, Nicole, Jeanny and I thought of paying him a visit. We had a late dinner and some catch up session.

Nicole and I are going to Pangkor, while the rest can't make it. We thought of going up to Genting for a day trip soon, probably the Monday after Pangkor cause there won't be much people on a Monday right? Still discussing about going to Singapore, we might or might not go. I mean, I don't really mind, it's just the cost of the accommodation that's gonna kill cause I'm going again end of March for the competition. Plus, my aunt and I have been thinking of going to Kuching. It's the only state in Malaysia that I haven't been, same goes to my aunt. So we thought of crossing that off.

Just got back from cheer practice around 11ish 12. Pretty tired, was suppose to meet some friends at Vertigo, Gardens, but I'm obviously to darn tired and lazy to go already. My sincere apologies for false hopes. I'm excited and nervous at the same time about the Singapore's competition. I'm afraid that we will not be ready by then but I think that it'll be tonnes of fun anyways. Just gotta work really hard for success!

I've got some stuff to add on to the to-do:
1. Colour my highlights back to normal then dip dye purple.
2. Get a tat that I've always wanted to get.
3. Look good to fit into the uniform! #firstworldpains

On another note, Valentine's day is in T-minus 3 days. Not much of a big day for me, since I've celebrated my past 18 years of Valentines without a partner. Oh! And so happen a few of us are single this year, we might just do something about it. Doing anything would be better than staying home and rot with our lonesome self. Anyways, I do have cheer practice at night, so it sort of fills up the day? Some sort. Ahh, if it's meant to be, I'll have something interesting to do.

Sorry to bore you with a picture-less post. :D

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