Monday, February 13, 2012

Penang trip!

Day 1

Took the 8.30am Aeroline bus from One Utama to Penang. The ride was only for 4 hours and 30 minutes including the 20 minutes stop. It was comfy, they played 2 movies, Limitless and some other movie which I don't remember, but I couldn't really see the screen from where I was sitting. Instead, I just listened to my own music and the best part is there's a socket to charge my phone! We reached about lunch time, aunt's friend took us to a hawker place to have lunch. Penang food, om nom nom.

The stall selling awesome kuihs.

The weather was just so darn hot that day, after lunch we checked in to the hotel; Gurney Hotel. Chilled in the room for a bit before meeting up with my aunt's friend again for dinner. While waiting for him to pick us up from the hotel, we sat by the side of the road at Gurney. Took a few pictures of the view.

We stopped by his house just to check out his very nicely decorated penthouse at Horizon, Tanjung Bungah. The view from the top is just so amazing.

 The almost sunset view of Penang.

 One part was facing the greens.

 Look! The moon is out. Just right above the condo opposite.

 The night view!

Had dinner at this nice little tea place at Burma Road with the cousin sister as well. Had loads of laugh and good time. Time well spent!

 Oh and just wanted to share with you that the bathroom is see through. 

 Epic combination of reflection. No?

Day 2

Took the bus down to Penang road for some Penang breakfast!

 Le picture of le self.

 Pai tee, ais kacang, lobak and charkuayteow (which is not shown in the picture) for breakfast.

Then, had plans with Pinky. She picked me up and brought me to this really pretty place where ships dock, Straits Quay. Apparently it's a new happening place in Penang. They have Starbucks, Papparich, The Library and some decent restaurants. Seems pretty cool. Here are some shots that I took.

 Here you have, Pinky, under a tree. :D

 I thought that the bubbles in there were pretty cool. Looks like some sort of plant cell.

Had a quick work out for eating all the sinful food, bubble bathed then got ready to go out with le cousin sister and her friend, Aaron. Had dinner at Gurney Drive. The work out definitely wasn't enough to cover for the calories that I had.

Le cousin, Carina, and Aaron.

After dinner, went to Gurney Plaza which was really close by. Went to the arcade for some games. Whooped their ass in Daytona! :D Played House of Dead III and Time Crisis. Oh, how much I've missed you arcade games. Used to go to the arcade at One Utama all the time after school. (': Came back to the hotel pretty early cause Carina has school the next day.

Day 3

Last day of the trip. Carina's parents picked us up to go for lunch before sending us to the bus station. Cristen and Chris, the 2 younger siblings came along. The lunch was fawesome! Om nom nom.

 It looks like a market right? But no, it's the restaurant we ate at. That's their kitchen.

And the cool thing they give instead of peanuts. 

Overall, it was an awesome and relaxing trip to Penang. Ahh, and now back to reality. Cheer cheer cheer! :D Can't wait to get the uniform and the competition!

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