Sunday, September 9, 2012

C'est la vie

One kiss from you and I'm drunk up on your potion.
That big old smile is all you wore.
Boy you make me want to feel,
Things I've never felt before.
Boy you make me want to feel,
Did I say I'm just a girl,
Did I say I'm just a girl,
You can hold me to that.

Done with the first week of uni. Started with the projects, some even finished and handed in already. Looking forward to my Korea trip in early October. Hopefully I won't miss out a lot in uni. Still pretty much in the holiday mood, hanging out almost as much, struggling to wake up for morning classes, not enough sleep, eating at odd hours. Haven't been working out either. Though, on the bright note, I've been quite contented with almost everything. 

I still have a heavy heart. 

They say, why is it so easy for guys to hide their feelings? Do they not have any to start with? I don't even know the answer to that. Never found out. It's just because it seems so easy for them to get over something and move on, us girls? We take time. How long? Well that depends. If you'd ask any girl, how hard was it to move on from their first love, they'd tell you it was painful. 

Forever and always.

Forever don't exist to me, there's only here and now that matters. Don't that phrase scare you? It definitely does scare me. It just feels so unreal, so unlikely, so doubtful. You can't predict the future, that's for sure, but you sure can shape your future. So, I love living in the moment. Make the most out of what you have now. Stop worrying about the past and future. It's gone and it hasn't come yet. You can only work towards what you want to achieve and in the end if you don't, that's life. 

C'est la vie.

Sometimes, even you yourself don't understand how can such things happen. How do you actually fall in love with someone? What's the science to that? What is the difference from lust? I'm pretty sure that two gets jumbled up quite often. You're just blurred out by everything that's happening. It's hard to tell. When is it that you should know? By when you can say "I'm sure this is it."? Yet again, too many questions. Answers that won't help what I'm asking even though those are the answers. 

This time, no fighting on one end, no letting go on the other, just simply beautiful. (:

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